Project role: Art Director, Designer
Agency: Twenty Four 7
The letterforms in this custom wordmark use repetition to emulate the shape and positions of tarot cards, while the circular flourishes allude to the cycles and movement of the moon.
The Auburn Tarot & Astrology website combines photo collages, faded backgrounds and the word mark to create an inviting, ethereal and elegant space, reflective of Danielle's persona and brand. 
Double exposure is a visual theme I used in both the photo collages and portraits to give a sense of ethereality and speak to the concept of the multiplicity of perspectives that can be revealed through the experience of a reading with Danielle. 
Photographers: Beth Dixson ( and Brian Vu (
I collaged Danielle's digital and pen and ink artwork with tropical gradients, soft florals, and smoke imagery to make backgrounds used for her website and social media.  
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