A multi-functional logo designed for use as a hat badge, exterior signage, and letterhead
An event badge for an annual meeting hosted by Bullard Law
Hydrate was a peer-to-peer speaker series I led and coordinated for my team at Nike with the intention of keeping people inspired, informed, and connected with their teammates. 
A hand-drawn wedding logo for Paige and Tyler Knotts that was printed on totes, wine glasses, beer glasses and other wedding paraphernalia
Moon Rover is a textile design company that bring space age graphics into the wardrobes of adventurous modern tots. Flat graphic illustrations and cheery color schemes are grounded in optimistic retrofuturism fantasies of the atomic age: flying cars, moon colonies and unlimited exploration.
Spindle Magazine is a modern interpretation of the age-old crafts of fiber artistry and sheep husbandry. The banner design parallels the message of Spindle Magazine by combining modern and traditional elements.The bright color, negative/positive play of the banner, and lower case 'e' rolling off the cover like a ball of yarn create a playful aesthetic. Hand-rendered slab serif letters form a spindle shape between the 'd' and 'l' and pay tribute to the "by-hand" nature of fiber crafts.
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